Respecting our sustenance.

High Quality Grass Fed Beef

We are bringing new heart into the cattle ranching and beef production business.


About Us

From Hay Management to Beef Production

We started with the management of hay production over 80 acres of hay and began cultivating a herd of Dexters in 2023 


We nurture our grass fed grass finished cows.


We have large local and national support.

All American


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Our Services

Experience The Beef of Beartaria

High Quality Grass Fed Beef

Born and Raised on Fescue. No Grain, No Anti-Biotics, No BS

Hay Sales

Our Hay is cut and stored locally and sold into the local area to other livestock operations.


We are advocates for small scale beef production and support others in the industry.

Custodial Services

Coming Soon

Year-Round Management

Our Cattle are regularly inspected.

Growing Herd

No need to artificially inseminate (Need something else here)

Small Scale

Locally Owned and Operated.

Why Choose Us

Goodness Of Nature

We have a hands off approach with our animals, they’ve never seen a feed truck and are herded by hand.

We Have Solutions For Agri Need

Returning to the roots of the Cattle Industry.

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Beartaria Beef is a project in partnership with Beartaria Ozark Campground to help regenerate the landscape through the appropriate use of cattle. 


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